Our 4-Dimensional Model of Collaboration

MindsetThe mindset of each individual involved in a collaborative relationship impacts on the ultimate success of the common goal.  Creating a common sense of purpose and aligning each individual around the current goal is a vital step.  Often, it is possible that individuals hold on to negative perceptions of previous experiences and this ultimately builds a dysfunctional aspect in the relationship.  Anything that impacts on TRUST will damage collaboration.

behaviourBehaviour and language are the key components of a successful collaborative relationship.  Developing the behaviours and the communication techniques are at the core of our approach.  The more you can demonstrate the competent use of collaborative behaviour the more rapidly TRUST will build.  This will have a significant impact on the efficiency savings that can be achieved through a collaborative approach.  Get this wrong and stalemate will result.

CultureThe Culture of your collaborative relationship is the sum of all the Mindsets and Behaviours of all the individuals.  Compounded by the agreed Values and Agreed Purpose of the Collaborative relationship, any dissonance between the agreed values and the mindsets and behaviours of the individuals will create dysfunctional cultural affects.  Sustaining a healthy collaborative culture requires collaborative leadership…a different style of leadership to your traditional approach to leadership development.

StructureEnsuring value is created through your collaborative efforts is easier if you can measure your success.  How you go about is entirely up to each collaborative relationship to decide.  What really helps is to have a ‘Relationship Management Plan’ to refer to ensure you are being successful in your drive to create extra value for your stakeholders.  The best collaborations place more emphasis on their relationship management plan than on the contract that exists between the ‘client & Contractor’.  If you put the contract ahead of the relationship your collaboration will become a slave to lawyers.  Your relationship is the crucial driver for your collaborative success and your contract can become a slave to your collaborative relationship.