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ProactiveNLP & The GROW Model
Our essential life coaching services are designed to assist clients achieve specific goals
Proactive Coaching
Choose the Proactive Space Coaching when you are seeking to resolve any dysfunctional or toxic behaviour or relationship that is negatively impacting your life
ProactiveNLP Executive Coaching
Our Executive Coaching takes a whole system approach to your role and your goals. We specialise in Accountability, Collaboration, Purpose & Vision.

Coaching with Proactive NLP Ltd is based on a number of different approaches that we have blended into our Proactive Space model.

Our Life Coaching service is designed for those looking to increase their confidence. Within the area of confidence we can find many other embedded issues. Once we get going we quickly identify the underlying challenge that the client presents as a lack of confidence. Confidence is something that all of us can have in an instant. Once we identify the block we quickly move our clients into the proactive space where they too can have unlimited confidence whenever they want it.

Our Executive Coaching takes what we call a wholistic & systemic approach. We explore the 4-dimensions of your role and create a process that delivers across all aspects of who you are, what you do and how you do what you do. Any other approach that does not take this 4-dimensional approach can only deliver a partial solution. The 4-dimensions are: Mindset, Behaviour, Culture & Structure. Delivering coaching and development across all 4 integrated dimensions results in a high performing & purpose driven leader.

Sometimes clients contact us when they are experiencing the effect of dysfunctional behaviours or they are in a dysfunctional relationship. The Proactive Space is the anti-dote to any type of dysfunctional behaviour. Extracting yourself from this dysfunctional space is challenging and always more beneficial than staying in it. Once you find yourself in the Proactive Space you are more alert to the hooks and tactics that others use to entice you into the dysfunctional space. You will make far different choices about how you respond to this stimulus.

Whichever type of coaching you feel is best for your situation click on the image above to find out more about our approach and get in touch.

If you are seeking a more therapuetic approach to resolving your current issue click here to find out more about out NLP based Therapy services.