Coaching & Therapy

Coaching with Proactive NLP Ltd is based on a number of different approaches that we have blended into our Proactive Space model.

Proactive Therapy

Proactive Therapy is our approach to applying NLP to a therapeutic intervention. If you are looking for a therapeutic intervention chances are you are experiencing anxiety / stress / depression to some degree.

Proactivity Retreat

You are invited to Reflect, Renew & Regenerate with us here in the Lake District to find your true purpose in life. You will leave knowing that you have all the resources you need to make any changes you wish to make.

Proactive Coaching

Proactive Coaching is what we call the anti-dote to dysfunctional (Toxic) behaviour. Dysfunctional behaviour is so prevalent we simply do not notice what is going on until we’re so far down the spiral that we feel lost.

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