Applied NLP Development Programmes

Applied NLP Development Programmes

Our Applied NLP development programmes will give you additional breadth and depth to support your NLP based learning & development. These short courses show hoe to apply NLP directly to your everyday life to achieve maximum influence.

Purpose drives everything

Our basic philosophy is based on the concept of Proactivity. When we are proactive we have a strong and compelling purpose guiding our every decision.

Create maximum impact

Move away from fearing public speaking to delivering captivating presentations that hold the attention of your audience. You can be magical in front of people.

The source of dysfunction

The Drama Triangle is the standard pattern for any dysfunctional (toxic) behaviour or relationship. This powerful pattern is driving every relationship you have.

Influence with elegance

We’re all familiar with the basic personality types, aren’t we? How about delving deeper using NLP patterns to truly understand how to influence others.

The key to effectiveness

Managing your emotional state and retaining your focus on your outcome will deliver your success. Being Proactive is all about choosing your response.

Connect with everyone

Communication is so much more than words. We will show you NLP can align your senses, body language and words to deliver a message with integrity.

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