Development Programmes

Our development programmes will give you additional breadth and depth to support your NLP Training and learning.

By offering development programmes that span a wide spectrum of personal and organisational development we provide you with a more comprehensive learning experience. See how NLP when applied to different contexts results in powerful learning programmes.

NLP in itself was influenced by many different fields and the more you study NLP the more you find connections to related fields of study and experience.

Being Purposeful Development Programmes
The Drama Triangle development programmes

Meta-programmes & personality types development programmes
Presenting with impact development programmes

Our basic philosophy is based on the concept of Proactivity. When we are proactive we have a strong and compelling purpose guiding our every decision. Being Proactive is Being Purposeful. Backed by the latest developments from Neuroscience, learn the impact a positive purpose can have on our brains. Create a personal purpose statement and see how a compelling organisational purpose can create never before experienced levels of employee engagement.

The opposite of being proactive is being reactive. The Reactive Space is the home of dysfunctional behaviour, also know as Toxic Behaviour. This type of behaviour is rife within relationships that have become damaging and abusive, in other words, Toxic. The Karpman Drama Triangle is the basic framework for this type of behaviour. On this programme you will understand the nature of the Triangle and the impact it can have. Finally, find out how to leave the triangle behind by moving into the Proactive Space and being purposeful.

We are all different and consequently, experience the world differently. Often it can be that a lack of self-awareness and no awareness of others can result in low self-esteem, leading to the drama triangle. On this workshop learn how we all have basic and complex meta-programmes and how different personality types interact. Using the leading tool, Clarity 4D, we will help you unpick the nature of your personality and your meta-programmes. Once your self-awareness is triggered you will begin to influence with ease and grace and leave the manipulation of the triangle behind.

Wouldn’t it be great to have confidence all the time, to be able to present your ideas in such a way that others want to engage with you? On this programme learn how to craft a purposeful presentation that results in your group jumping in behind your goal. This is not just about putting a script together…infact there are no scripts! This workshop will show how the whole of you can align to deliver the most compelling presentations.

In conclusion, all our development programmes can be studied as stand-alone programmes or can be studied as an integrated programme. Contact us now for more information on how we can deliver this suite of learning for you.