The Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle is the standard pattern for any dysfunctional (toxic) behaviour or relationship. This simple pattern identified by Stephen Karpman identifies the roles and, more importantly, the scripts of how such relationships work.

The Drama Triangle

There are three actors in the Drama Triangle: The Persecutor; The Rescuer & The Victim.

In any dysfunctional or toxic relationship we find these actors running the scripts facilitating the drama to play out. The key to understanding the dynamics is, firstly, to understand the roles and the motivations of each actor.

Workshop Contents

Our Drama Triangle development programme not only explores each role, their scripts and motivations but also the underlying beliefs and values. We can apply this dynamic to all contexts where people interact. We can apply this to personality types, we can apply this to how people behave under stress.

On our Drama Triangle development workshop we also look at how to escape the triangle and lead a life ‘off the triangle’. How would that look, what would you do, how would you interact with people? If this dynamic is so embedded within our psyche how can we possibly leave it behind so easily? The answer, put simply is, we can choose to lead a proactive life. The challenge, however, is the drama triangle is probably the most seductive dynamic we will experience. People can be easily hooked back on the triangle. As a result of choosing to lead a proactive life you will make a number of changes. NLP is a powerful vehicle through which we make the changes.

If you want to find out more about our Drama Triangle development programme you can download a factsheet here. If you feel you are living with the effects of the drama triangle and wish to discuss this in a coaching or therapeutic context we can help. Please get in touch and let’s talk. This programme can also be delivered within organisations as the single biggest block to any cultural change programme are the relationships of the employees. With skillful and creative facilitation we can unearth dysfunctional dynamics and create opportunities for the development of proactive healthy organisational dynamics.