Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is ideal for developing your ability to lead, define a purpose for your business, understand how to create a high performing organisation.

Becoming a high performing leader is above all else a function of being proactive. Using NLP we will elicit your core values and beliefs resulting in you crafting a strong and compelling purpose. Your compelling purpose is the most important step in creating engagement with your colleagues.

We have a long and successful track record of working with aspiring and established business leaders across many sectors. Whether your goal is to become a chief executive or to transition from an operational role to a strategic role we can help. You might also be wanting to transform your ability to give powerful presentations.

Collaborative Behaviour

We have developed a specialism in developing collaborative behaviour. This is increasingly important in the infrastructure sector. This will now take on extra importance in the health and social care sector. Once we get through the current Corona Virus pandemic we expect to see collaborative working between organisations involved in delivering a common goal to be a prime directive of government. How ready for collaborative working are you as a leader? The landscape has changed dramatically and we will not be going back to how things used to be. Change has happened, are you ready to change?

ProactiveNLP Executive Coaching

Our 4-dimensional executive coaching model has been crafted after years of creating successful leaders across all sectors. A client once asked if I could bottle what I did to get the results I achieved with their leaders. This 4-dimensional approach is how we deliver excellence within our Executive Coaching practise.

You can apply the 4-dimensional model to any business context. This approach works brilliantly because it is so simple and yet deals with complexity. Being an effective leader means being effective in all 4 dimensions. The natural consequence of achieving effectiveness across all 4-dimensions is your team shifts up a gear in performance. Get in touch to find out how we can work with you.

We often find that based on the excellent relationship we will build during our coaching the opportunity arises to introduce some of the approaches to the teams you lead or are part of. If this is the case, check out our sister company, Seek First Ltd for more information on the range of corporate development programmes on offer.