Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for you if any of the following relate to you. Are you wanting more confidence? Do you wish you could stand in front of a large group and give a speech? Are you looking to make a change in your career and just cannot figure out what your goal is?

Confidence, Public Speaking, Presentations, Time Management and Procrastination are what our Life Coaching clients ask us to help them with. Life Coaching does not offer a therapeutic intervention we will work with you in the present and future. Kicking off our engagement as your life coach we will most likely recommend a behavioural profile. Developing greater self-awareness is always a great place to start and changes flow naturally as a consequence. Our sister company, Seek First Ltd, provide the C-me Colour Profile. This is a fantastic tool to understand that sometimes the thing we want is easier to achieve than we initially thought. Making changes is easier to do if we are more aware of our natural preferences.

Life Coaching with GROW and Proactive NLP Ltd

The basic model underlying most coaching is the famous GROW model, developed by Sir John Whitmore. This model in it’s early development was refined and honed using NLP.

The GROW model is only one of many different approaches that we will utilise during any coaching session. Applying models and patterns of language is the science of coaching. All our coaching is conversational and responsive. That is the art of coaching.

We can deliver our Life Coaching face to face or remotely via an online platform such as Skype, Zoom etc. Currently, we are restricted to remote coaching and yet, the results are still fantastic!

If you are keen to get going and start achieving your goal please get in touch or visit our shop and book a session now.