Memory Re-Solution NLP

Memory Re-Solution is a powerful technique developed to resolve negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  With this powerful technique you will achieve emotional freedom and start living the life of your dreams.

Memories have an enormous power over our lives. Have you noticed how good memories fill us with Joy and Happiness? Whereas bad memories seem to attract all the negative emotions we can think of.

Do you ever feel “stuck’ in time because of a negative emotion that floods your system every time you recall a past event? Do you wish you could just let this memory go and all the negatives that appear to be attached to it?

Well, what if you could? What if you can easily resolve those bad memories and release all the negatives? Might that let more positivity into your life?

Let’s not just stop with bad memories, how about all those negative limiting beliefs that hide in the deep recesses of your mind. You know the ones that you internal critic keeps reminding you about?

Memory Re-Solution NLP

Memory Re-Solution: An NLP Technique

Memory Re-Solution is an NLP Technique that has been developed to resolve memories and beliefs that have negative emotions attached to them.

When we talk about negative emotions we mean: Anger, Sadness, Fear & Guilt. These are the big four negative emotions that we all experience. We can add in others that are associated with the big four such as Jealousy and Anxiety.

Yes, you really can experience life without these negative emotions. Our NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner programmes all teach you the this powerful technique. Proactive NLP Ltd is the home of the technique.

This techniques was developed by our NLP Trainers, Dr. Susi Strang Wood and Craig Wood. After their retirement they passed the technique onto our founder, Paul McGowran.

How can you access this life changing technique?

There is only one source of Memory Re-Solution training and that is with Proactive NLP Ltd. When you attend an NLP Practitioner programme with us Memory Re-Solution is your final module.

On our NLP Master Practitioner programme we will use this technique in all our modules, by the end you will indeed be masters of your emotions.

If you have attended an NLP Practitioner, elsewhere, and wish to gain access to this technique we will be offering you two pathways. Firstly, you’re welcome to join the final module of our NLP Practitioner programmes and gain accreditation to the technique. Secondly, we will be running separate stand-alone programmes solely focused on Memory Re-Solution to both Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. We will also be running an additional Trainer’s Training in the technique for accredited NLP Trainers that wish to incorporate Memory Re-Solution into their programmes.

This is one of the most powerful NLP time code techniques. We exercise great caution and ensure that all our delegates are capable of safe and ecological practise. Consequently, we do not publish any scripts or processes about this technique. This technique can only be accessed via our NLP Training programmes.  Click here to see our upcoming NLP Training programmes.