NLP Accreditation

Why is NLP Accreditation important? Why bother getting accredited as an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner? Which accrediting body is the best? Does it matter anyway?

The field of NLP is unregulated. For a lot of people that in itself is sufficient reason to discredit NLP. However, when someone is keen to discredit the field due to a lack of regulation there is a strong element of, “they would say that, wouldn’t they!”

NLP gives many people an answer to their problems and many people will claim that NLP turned their life around. The evidence for these people will be in their own subjective experience of their lives after an NLP intervention. That is all the evidence they require. Those that are quick to discredit will only be happy when their is a body of empirical research and data to back up the claims made by the many people that claim they have benefited. That body of empirical evidence will most like never appear and so there is an impasse.

None of this really matters at the end of the day, simply because if you make a proactive choice to change your life the only important factor is that you commit to the change. The vehicle you use to assist in that change is just a vehicle, you make the change, not the person you work with.

NLP Accreditation – a cautionary tale!

On one of practitioner programmes a delegate signed up for our NLP Practitioner Programme only to pull out before the programme started. This delegate found a cheaper programme that was closer to home. That’s fair enough, our price is our price and we feel it is reasonable even if delegates have to travel from far away. This delegate, subsequently, called back after the first module of the cheaper programme, in tears. The training and the trainer was awful. The person running the training was not a Trainer of NLP, they were not accredited by any NLP association. The trainer was a master practitioner of NLP apparently but he could not put his hands on his certificates.

There was no NLP accreditation at all with this person, even though they advertised an NLP Practitioner programme and were happy to take money from delegates. Our delegate, after talking with us, received their money back.

We welcomed the delegate back and she started our practitioner programme. She had a great experience and set up a coaching business as a result.

Check out the credentials of the people you signing up to train with.

NLP Accreditation with ANLP

At Proactive NLP we recommend ANLP (the Association for NLP) to all our delegates. The ANLP is a membership body, a networking group and a great resource for anyone interested in NLP. Over the years the ANLP has collaborated with many different accrediting bodies to pull together standards of training within the field of NLP.

As an accredited trainer with ANLP, Paul McGowran firstly completed his NLP Trainer’s Training with INLPTA. Following this trainer’s training there was a further NLP accreditation process with ANLP to achieve their Accredited Trainer status. Paul achieved this accredited trainer status in 2008.

As an accredited Trainer of NLP with ANLP we get issued the logo below. This is your assurance that we have been checked out and we have achieved all that we claim to have achieved…rest assured everything has been accredited atleast twice.

NLP Training

Any NLP training delivered by Proactive NLP Ltd will carry the ANLP logo on the certificates we issue. Delegates that complete our NLP training programmes will qualify automatically for member of the ANLP. You will start enjoying the benefits of membership immediately. Give yourself a head start with your NLP Training and train with an accredited trainer. NLP Accreditation is vital.