NLP Accredited Training

NLP Diploma
Our 4 day Accredited Introduction to NLP
NLP Practitioner
Available as a 10 day or 16 day Accredited & Certified Programme
NLP Master Practitioner
A 16 day personal development experience for accredited practitioners looking to achieve self-mastery

Depending on your previous NLP training and experience we have the perfect platform for you to develop further.

If you are new to NLP or only wish to learn the basics and understand how to apply NLP to your life choose the NLP Diploma. This 4 day NLP training programme is ideal for giving you an understanding of how you can apply NLP thinking to your goals and outcomes.

If you are serious about NLP Training and wish to achieve a recognised accreditation then the NLP Practitioner is the programme for you. Available as either a 10 day or 16 day programme we cater for all needs. Our 10 day programme is more business orientated whereas our 16 day programme is the pure NLP for those that want a true personal development experience.

The ultimate NLP training programme is the NLP Master Practitioner programme. Our 16 day programme is for those wishing to achieve full self-mastery and will take you through all your pre-concieved barriers to become the best version of you.