NLP Coaching & Therapy

Proactivity is at the core of everything we do.  Our NLP Coaching & Therapy services use a comprehensive blend of the most powerful personal development models.

NLP Coaching & Therapy with

NLP Therapy

Proactive Therapy is our approach to applying NLP to a therapeutic intervention. If you are looking for a therapeutic intervention chances are you are experiencing anxiety / stress / depression to some degree.

NLP Coaching & Therapy with

Retreat & Reflect

You are invited to Reflect, Renew & Regenerate with us here in the Lake District to find your true purpose in life. You will leave knowing that you have all the resources you need to make any changes you wish to make.

NLP Coaching & Therapy with

NLP Coaching

Proactive Coaching is what we call the anti-dote to dysfunctional (Toxic) behaviour. Dysfunctional behaviour is so prevalent we simply do not notice what is going on until we’re so far down the spiral that we feel lost.

We can deliver our coaching and therapy services either online or face to face.  You can also book online using our calendar.

NLP Coaching & Therapy with is a bit different to what you will get with other providers.

We have blended our approach into what we call the Proactive Space.  Everyone that comes to us leaves us in the Proactive Space.  They are free"

Our process very simply cuts through all the binding patterns and dispels the negativity.  Whatever you are currently experiencing that is causing you stress and anxiety, does not have to be a permanent feature of your life.

You can experience this for yourself, you can live the proactive life, full of happiness and positivity.

Meet your Coach / Therapist

You will be working with Paul McGowran, the owner and director of Proactive NLP Ltd.  Paul has been working with clients for 17 years. He has 15 years experience fo training Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP to work with clients. Having a free initial consultation will answer any remaining questions you may have.