Proactive NLP Coaching

Proactive NLP Coaching is our approach to using NLP in a Coaching scenario.  Our NLP Coaching is geared towards you achieving your biggest, scariest goals.  Some examples of the common objectives our clients come to us for coaching are:

  • Career Progression
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Improving Performance
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Developing a sense of Purpose & Identity
Proactive NLP Coaching

What is your Goal?

When we ask you what you goal is, what we really want to know is what is your biggest dream?  If you could have anything in your life what would you have?  We don’t believe in playing small, if it doesn’t stop you in your tracks, its not worth having.  Dream big, think big, go for what you want.  You can, you know.

How will NLP Coaching benefit me?

NLP Coaching, unlike other approaches, unlocks your personal toolkit.  Your individual box tricks that can either build your success or block your progress, is unique to you.  Our Proactive Coaching will get you using your unique gifts and strengths to build your success.  We will not apply a standard process used across all clients.  You will receive a 100% customised coaching experience.

What is the best NLP Coaching option for you?

We work differently for each client.  Our clients comes from all sorts of backgrounds and all have exceptional circumstances to content with.  We design our coaching to suit you.  Some typical options are shown below. If you think another package would work for you, great, just get in touch and we can sort it for you.

Proactive Shot

£75per hour
  • In-Person or Remote
  • 100% flexibility
  • You control the schedule

Goal Focus

£300per sessioni
  • In-Person or Remote
  • 100% Focused Attention
  • Achieve a specific goal

Personal Power

  • Pay once (15 hours package)
  • As intensive as you want it
  • Claim your Personal Power & achieve your life goals

NLP Coaching – Take the First Step

If you want to achieve any of the objectives above or simply wish to make progress in your life, its time for NLP Coaching.

Our founder, Paul McGowran, has been working with clients for 17 years. He has 15 years experience fo training Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP to work with clients. Having a free initial consultation will answer any remaining questions you may have.

If you wish to chat with Paul before making any decisions please contact us using the form or chat with us. If you want to go ahead and start living your proactive life full of positivity, book an appointment.