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Our NLP Workshops & Courses offer an opportunity to either dip your toe in the water, or take a deep dive into a topic.

We offer a wide range of courses covering a wide rage of personal development issues. These NLP workshops and courses can be delivered virtually and face to face over half day, 1 day or two days.

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NLP Workshops

Be wary of the person that can tell you precisely what NLP is!  It’s a bit like watch out for the man that tells you he is Buddha.

There are many facets to NLP and there are many misconceptions of what is and what is not part of NLP.

On this workshop we will explore many different definitions of NLP and leave you with a thirst to learn more.

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Do you make things happen in your world or do you suffer the consequences of the actions of others?

Are you Proactive or Reactive to events in your life?

On this workshop learn how to shift yourself to the Proactive side of life and start reaping the rewards of your actions.

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Are you seriously telling me that the guy that just cut me up on the junction is me but in a different form!  You cannot be serious!

It’s difficult, isn’t it, accepting that someone else’s action may be a mirror of your own actions.

Just imagine, if you will, what that would mean for all that judging that goes on in the world today?

This workshop explores how we can re-shape our perceptions of both ourself and others such that we start achieving positive results in all our interactions and relationships.

What is it that you want? If you’re attending an NLP Training with Proactive NLP Ltd, I’m sorry we do not accept answers such as ‘confidence’, ‘happiness’, ‘to feel more content’.  You can have these states anytime you wish, they are not outcomes.

Setting achievable and compelling outcomes is the foundation of success, the first pillar of NLP.

On this workshop you can learn more about the components of achievable outcomes.

Just imagine being able to connect with everyone you come into contact with.  You can speak their language and create a deep connection of trust quickly.

This NLP workshop will give you the secret sauce to communicating with everyone.

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from setbacks and to keep moving towards your goals. All too often, modern life can put obstacles in our way.

Learn how to build resilience using NLP to stay focused and positive.

This workshop explores the conditioning that you have unconsciously adopted and that now erodes your resources.  You can re-condition your mindset and stay resilient in every set of circumstances.

The GROW is one of the oldest and most powerful coaching models.

Did you know it was originally tested and refined by some of the earliest NLP trainers?

See how we use the language patterns and other NLP frames of thinking to boost the performance of your coaching conversations.

Public speaking is listed as one of the greatest fears people have.  Learn how to overcome this using the power of NLP to become a person that can deliver magical presentations.

We will give you access to one of the most powerful training patterns to ensure your presentation goes off with a bang and gets you tons of plaudits.

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As humans we often get to a point in life where what we thought was important to us, no longer is.

Infact, we might say, the values I was brought up with no longer sit well with who I want to be. I wish i could be the sort of person that can achieve great things, but people like don’t do those things.

Peeling back the layers of embedded values and commands given to us early on in our lives is the key to identifying what is most important to us now.

NLP give us the resources to delve deep inside and pull out what is most important to us and enable us to express our core values.

The Drama triangle is the underlying pattern of all relationships.  Whenever a relationship dynamic becomes dysfunctional the drama triangle is being played out.

All games that are played out in relationships are played on the drama triangle.  However, not everyone involved in those games is aware they are in a game.

Find out how to spot the rules of the games and the master strokes used by the masters of manipulation to control events and results.

Learn how to leave the drama behind on this workshop

Your inner critic is the most powerful voice in your head.  You may have personified this critic with someone of importance in your life.

Well, it’s your choice how long this critic stays in you head and how much power you give it.  You can always choose to switch it off.

It’s not real.

Learn how to identify and resolve the negativity associated with this critic on this workshop.

This is a half day introduction to the powerful time code intervention that we call, Memory Re-Solution.

This workshop aims to introduce you to the opportunities to create new learnings from old memories that enable you to let go of the negative emotions that have become associated with these memories.

It may be that you have created beliefs about your worth or your place in the world that are now limiting your capacity to grow.  You can learn how to replace these old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs.

This workshop is an introduction only and is only open to certified / accredited practitioners of NLP.  We will check your certification prior to offering you a place on the programme.

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