Personal Development Retreat

A personal development retreat with Proactive NLP in the Lake District is the perfect opportunity to invest in your well-being.

You are invited to Reflect, Renew & Regenerate to find your true purpose in life. You will leave knowing that you have all the resources you need to make any changes you wish to make.
 By choosing to REFLECT upon the meaning you have given to your current situation, we will facilitate you through transformational processes. You will RENEW core values and beliefs and therefore REGENERATE your sense of purpose.

During your time with us we will use powerful NLP Coaching, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy processes that create change. Each intervention is powerful and when combined together our process produces rapid and long lasting change.
 The personal development retreat will achieve your outcome, because you will design it to be successful. A retreat can be any length of time that you wish. We are happy to be flexible and work around your preference for how much tome we spend together.

Why do people come on Personal Development Retreat?

During retreats clients will explore all sorts of issues, examples include:

Personal Development Retreats with Proactive NLP Ltd
Unwanted Habits & Behaviour


Fears & Phobia


Career Coaching

Life Coaching / Executive Coaching


Anxiety / Mild Depression

Negative Emotions: 
Anger / Sadness / Fear / Guilt

Relationship Issues
Dysfunctional Behaviours

A sense of feeling lost

Creating a Purpose for Life

Personal Growth & Development

Health Issues

With Proactive NLP Ltd you are assured of an approach will be respectful, thorough and utterly professional at all times. During retreats you will have the space to move towards the most rewarding outcomes you feel will transform your life. We will support and challenge you as you breakthrough the most restrictive obstacles.

Each retreat is unique, just as likewise each client is unique. The price of your retreat and consequently, the amount of time you wish to spend with us is negotiated with you. We accept payments via bank transfer, paypal, online or by phone. Payment plans are available upon request. Any accommodation costs are separate.

Your retreat will be facilitated by Paul McGowran. Paul is a Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist in Training and a Certified Trainer of NLP and a Master Practitioner of NLP. Paul also holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
 Neuro Linguistic Programming is without doubt a powerful methodology for creating change and personal growth. Our responsibility above all else is to teach and use NLP in a proactive fashion to create more choice in the world.

A personal development retreat is a core offering to support our purpose. By attending a retreat you will be adding to the proactivity in the world and therefore making a difference.

You can find out more about our personal development retreats by downloading our flyer here.