Proactive Coaching

Proactive Coaching is what we call the anti-dote to dysfunctional (Toxic) behaviour. Dysfunctional behaviour is so prevalent we simply do not notice what is going on until we’re so far down the spiral that we feel lost. Is it me? is it them? How have I ended up here? These are just some of common questions we get asked by clients. Our clients are usually desperate to leave behind a pattern of behaviour or a relationship that has turned toxic.

We have based our NLP practise on the concept of CHOICE. We have let go of the doctrine of ‘Nature v Nurture’ and like Covey and Frankl believe that we are the consequences of our choices. When we stop blaming our upbringing or our parents we start being accountable for our choices.

Once we acknowledge our choices in the significant situations we have faced we become accountable for our decisions. We stop the blame game and we start being accountable, in other words, we transition to the proactive space. Once we arrive in the Proactive Space we open ourselves up to our unlimited resources.

Our Response is our Choice

Proactive Coaching

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

It is up to you which choice you make, your choice determines your outcomes.

Happiness like unhappiness is a proactive choice.

By exploring the space between stimulus and response and applying NLP to that choice space we can assist clients break free from the dysfunctional behaviour.

Proactive Coaching will give you the capacity to move on and make choices that empower you to be who you want, have what you want and do what you want to do. We achieve a breakthrough point where an individual takes back their power. At this breakthrough point, all the negativity and toxic behaviour that characterised a clients identify is let go.