Proactive NLP

Proactive NLP Ltd, founded by Paul McGowran, is culmination of a long journey of personal development.

Principally focused on the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to create massive change within a person, we’ve also blended other approaches.

Before working with NLP, Paul studied the work of many great gurus from the world of Leadership & Management. Foremost amongst these was Dr. Stephen R. Covey. Covey’s ground-breaking and best selling book still to this day provides daily inspiration for Paul. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is if you like, the cornerstone of Proactive NLP Ltd.

A further layer of knowledge adding depth to the work of Proactive NLP Ltd is Carl Gustav Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types. Since publication in 1920-1921 this theory has been the foundation of many psychometric testing platforms. Paul has been accredited with a number of these models over the years, namely, Insights Discovery and C-me Colour Profiling.

The idea of connecting colour to communication and behaviour preferences has resulted in what we now call the Four Colour Energies. Paul has now developed his own materials and resources to help teams and individuals in their development. See The Colour Energies for more information.

Whilst studying NLP Psychotherapy Paul explored the powerful and transformational field of Transactional Analysis. Created by Dr. Eric Berne, the Games People Play forms a major part of our work. A development within the field of Transactional Analysis came from Dr. Stephen Karpman. His Drama Triangle model literally, transforms lives without any further ideas or models.

Proactive NLP – A level above

Proactive NLP Ltd has over the years combined all these models into a cohesive body of work that now represents what Paul calls, The Proactive Space. Where other NLP schools or Coaching schools will teach from their single discipline, with Proactive NLP Ltd you get a blended and comprehensive personal development journey. If you’re seeking to change your life our NLP Training will get you where you want to be.

Click below to listen to Paul McGowran discuss with the Meet the Experts Podcast why does what he does.