Proactive Therapy

Proactive Therapy is our approach to applying NLP to a therapeutic intervention. If you are looking for a therapeutic intervention chances are you are experiencing anxiety / stress / depression to some degree.

If you have found your way here, firstly, well done. Secondly, take a moment and breathe.

Paul McGowran holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (INLPTA) and also a Certified and Accredited Trainer of NLP (INLPTA & ANLP) and has also trained as an NLP Psychotherapist.

Proactive Therapy

Proactive Therapy explores the space where dysfunctional behaviour and relationships have left an negative imprint in your life. By exploring this space therapeutically we can assist you break free from the chains that have kept you locked into a negative spiral. Your breakthrough, as a result, will empower you to live a life based on who you want to be, doing what you want and having what you want.

We can work with you to overcome a wide range of issues and challenges such as:

  • changing unhelpful habits
  • overcoming fears
  • Phobia
  • Internal Conflict
  • Negative emotions: Anger / Sadness / Fear / Guilt
  • Memory Resolution
  • Anxiety

Proactive Therapy Retreats

We are currently only offering or therapy services on a remote / virtual basis using Skype or Zoom etc.

Normal service will be resumed after the corona virus restrictions have been lifted. At that point why not take advantage of our beautiful location here in the Lake District? We have access to a fabulous airbnb property where you could stay and where we would also work, right in the heart of the Lakes. Our clients come for a few days firstly for therapy sessions and secondly to explore the lakes and fells around Windermere. Retreats provide an ideal model for therapy. Disconnecting from your normal day to day will give you the headspace to focus on what you want. The combination of head space, physical space and fresh air above all else creates the perfect combination for success.

If you are interested in pursuing proactive therapy further please get in touch.