A Personal Power NLP Coaching programme with Paul McGowran at a fee of £1150.  These sessions can be delivered either face to face or virtually.

Personal Power is our approach to applying NLP to a coaching programme. If you are looking for coaching the chances are you are experiencing frustration or challenge.

This personal power coaching programme is the package for you if you want personal freedom. With a strong 100% commitment from you, we offer an intense focused coaching programme. During a Personal Power coaching programme we focus on unleashing your personal proactivity to empower you to achieve your ultimate goals.  Your 100% commitment is essential at every stage of the process.  If this is not present you run the risk of not connecting to your personal power.

We may, after our initial consultation, ask you to do some homework to save precious time during the process.

Face to face or Virtual Personal Power NLP Coaching Programme?

This is now an important issue.  There are of courses pros and cons to each options.

For this process we are coming off the fence and stating that face to face is the only option.  We can happily conduct an initial consultation with you virtually.  The rest of the process will need to be face to face.  This also forms part of the commitment we ask you to make.  This process is all about your 100% commitment to making a change.  This is not about the coach ‘fixing’ anyone.  That is not possible.  You want to do this because you want to make a change.  We are merely the facilitators of that change.

This process will focus on your Purpose and Identity.  This is an intense process aimed at unleashing the personal proactivity latent within you.  We are experts in this process, we have experienced it ourselves on many development programmes.  We have taught this process to others we have certified as Master Practitioners of NLP.  You can be 100% confident in choosing as your partner in this process.

If this package will work for you, great lets go for it.

Please note:  this package is for a total of 15 hours of coaching.  There is no guarantee of achieving your goals within this timeframe.  Your 100% commitment to change is your responsibility.  If further time is assesses as required the fee will be based on the hourly rate of £75 or additional blocks of 4 hours.