A Proactivity Shot NLP Coaching Session with Paul McGowran at the standard fee of £75 per hour.  The session can be delivered face to face or virtually.

A Proactivity Shot is our approach to applying NLP in a high impact NLP Coaching session. If you are looking for a quick and powerful shot in the arm to get you moving towards your goals, this is for you.  This service does what is says on the tin.

Benefit from total flexibility in your coaching journey by choosing when you want to chat.  No large upfront payments, stop when you choose to stop.  A proactivity shot nlp coaching session gives you total flexibility.  If you want to after a session or two you may wish to sign up for a longer commitment to achieve your full Personal Power.

During a proactivity shot nlp coaching session session there is of course limited time for achieving major goals and outcomes.  A longer session would be required to achieve any lasting change.

Face to face or virtual Proactivity Shot NLP Coaching session?

This is now an important issue.  There are of courses pros and cons to each options.

During a virtual proactivity shot session we can do mostly what we can do in a face to face session.  There is the added benefit of not having to travel and park up at the coaches location or at agreed meeting venue.  So yes you can save time and only spend the hour.  You can also be perfectly relaxed because you will in your comfortable space, you will have your favourite possessions around you.

From a coaching impact perspective, virtual is not the best option.  The information a coach works with is the responses from the client.  These are best observed face to face when the rapport between client and coach is at its optimum.

The choice in the end is always the client’s choice.

If this package will work for you, great lets go for it.