A Three Hour Proactive Therapy Session with Paul McGowran at the discounted fee of £200 per session.  These sessions can be delivered either face to face or virtually.

Proactive Therapy is our approach to applying NLP to a therapeutic intervention. If you are looking for  therapy the chances are you are experiencing anxiety / stress or depression.

You can benefit from an intense focus on a particular issue with this package.  With a firm commitment from you, we offer an intense focused therapeutic session aimed at moving an issue for you.  Addressing one issue will not give you the freedom you may desire.  A Personal Breakthrough session may well be what you’re looking for.

During a three hour therapy session there is time for us to really get to grips with what is causing you pain.  This package is really aimed at one issue, we are not guaranteeing you a complete personal breakthrough during this three hour therapy session.

Face to face or virtual three hour therapy session?

This is now an important issue.  There are of courses pros and cons to each options.

During a virtual three hour therapy session we can do mostly what we can do in a face to face session.  Not having to travel and park up at the therapists location is a massive perk.  So yes you can save time and only spend the hour.  You can also be perfectly relaxed because you will be in your comfortable space, you will have your favourite possessions around you.

From a therapeutic intervention perspective, virtual is not the best option.  The information a therapist works with is the responses from the client.  These are best observed face to face when the rapport between client and therapist is at its optimum.  For a three hour therapy session where we are focused on a particular issue our preference is most definitely face to face.

The choice in the end is always the client’s choice.

If this package will work for you, great lets go for it.