Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simply to create a world where people are able to live proactive lives and thereby enable others to live proactive lives. This will in turn create proactive communities. Making the proactive choices and being accountable for our decisions can and will lead to less conflict and anxiety therefore creating true happiness.

Our Vision

We envision a world where happy people support and encourage each other to choose interdependence and collaboration over competition and independence. Sharing our gifts and learning to create new ways of living and working that make a positive impact on our world.

Our Values

Our values guide our behaviour and thinking. We want our values to shine through to everyone we come into contact with. Our three core values are:


CHOICE is at the centre of everything we do. CHOICE is the last human freedom we have, as long we can make choices we are free. Our choices create our results and our how we feel about our results. ProactiveNLP is understanding the nature of the choices we make and understanding the impact our choices will have and being responsible for the choices we make.

ACHIEVEMENT follows from our choices. Making proactive choices will lead to achievements that we can be proud of that will create positive impacts in our web of relationships and on our environment.

DIFFERENCE is the driver of progress. Progress happens when we grow and we only know that we have grown when we achieve a different result. In order to achieve a different result we have made a different choice somewhere down the line. Celebrate difference it is how we know we are being proactive.