Life Coaching



Working with a Life Coach is a proactive step.

We recommend a minimum of two hours per session be purchased at any one time.  This gives you and your Life Coach the opportunity to really explore and create an action plan for yourself.

Currently all our coaching and therapy services are taking place remotely and we ask you to specify if you have any preference for the platform you wish to use, e.g. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Life Coaching with is perfect if you:

  • want more confidence;
  • suffer from procrastination;
  • are seeking a new direction:
  • feel a bit stuck

Our life coaching will take you from you currently find yourself and will sim to move you towards a future outcome you want to set for yourself.

If you feel we need to explore past experiences we will advise you that a therapeutic approach will work best and will encourage you to consider changing track.

Check out Life-Coach Directory to find out more about our Life Coaching services



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